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The Dentist in Painesville Recommends Daily Flossing

August 31, 2016

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Floss your teeth everyday, says the dentist in Painesville, in order to remove debris and plaque. You may have read or heard about a recent report stating that there is insufficient evidence to support what dentists have been preaching for decades: floss your teeth. The report claims that the effectiveness of flossing has never been adequately researched and, therefore, the evidence is “weak and very unreliable.” At Painesville Dental Group, we beg to differ. As your dentist in Painesville, we have seen the consequences of not flossing and stand by our recommendation to continue with daily flossing despite reports to the contrary.


The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

January 31, 2013

For some, smiling is a daily struggle. It can even be a cause of stress. But it doesn’t have to be. With a cosmetic dentistry service from Painesville Dental Group, you can experience a renewed sense of confidence.

You may experience other benefits as well. When you feel more confident about how you look, you may also find that you feel happier overall. That can help you lower your blood pressure and enjoy a less stressful life. What’s more, smiling releases endorphins—your body’s “feel good” chemical—and boosts your immune system.

Others may see you differently, too. If you were perceived as withdrawn, you may now be seen as more outgoing, friendly, successful, and kind. That can lead to changes in your romantic, social, and business spheres.

At Painesville Dental Group, you’ll find several popular cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve the dazzling smile you want. Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

But which one of these is right for you? Call our Painesville, Jefferson, or Chardon dental office today to reserve your consultation appointment. During your consultation, we can assess your oral health and talk to you about your needs and your wants. Then we can create a personalized treatment plan that will help you.

Our Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon offices are ready to help you smile!

Create a Goal for Your Smile in 2013

January 21, 2013

What goals have you set for yourself this year? For many, New Year’s resolutions are limited to things like finances and dieting.

These are important things to consider, of course, but what about setting some goals for your smile? Your overall wellbeing and your smile are connected. When you take better care of your smile, you feel better overall.

The goals you set for your smile don’t have to be big, though. Maybe you just want to increase the number of times you brush each day. That’s an easy one. Try bringing a toothbrush with you to work so you can brush on your lunch hour.

If you have more ambitious goals for your smile, that’s where you may need help from Painesville Dental Group. Our Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon offices have a skilled team of experienced dentists who can help you craft a truly personalized plan. We offer a wide range of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental services, including:

To learn more about these services, visit our page for each one. You can also call one of our offices to reserve an appointment or ask a question. Our Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon teams would be happy to help.

At Painesville Dental Group, we want to make 2013 the year you smiled more confidently. We provide preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for patients from Painesville, Jefferson, Chardon, and all surrounding areas.

Root Canal Therapy for Painesville and Beyond

December 20, 2012

If you have a toothache, it’s important that you call us at Painesville Dental Group. Oftentimes it is a sign of an infection within the tooth and may require a root canal.

A root canal involves treatment of an infection inside your tooth. The term comes from the fact that the infection is inside the inner canal of the tooth.

For your root canal treatment, we will numb the tooth completely so we can clear out the infected nerve and pulp inside your tooth. Then, we’ll clean and file the tooth until it’s smooth, and fill it with . gutta percha, a special dental material that will protect against further infection.

Often, we will recommend that a crown be placed on the tooth as well to cap it off and help strengthen the tooth. Our crowns are ceramic and will be matched to the color of your natural teeth so no one will be able to tell.

There is no need to be scared of getting a root canal! Our trained staff can use oral sedation techniques to help numb you and relax during the procedure. At the end of it, you’ll have a healthy, pain-free tooth.

Does your tooth hurt? Call us at Painesville Dental Group today to learn more about root canals and schedule your appointment! We have convenient locations in Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon that are ready to help you with all your dental needs.

Using Dental Benefits before the End of the Year

December 6, 2012

The end of the year is fast approaching. Right now, your attention is on holiday parties, decorating your house and buying all those perfect gifts, but there’s something else that should be on your mind: using your dental benefits from your health care plan.

The team at Painesville Dental Group wants to remind you to not let your dental health care benefits expire without using them. Dental insurance plans usually pay for a certain amount of treatment each year. If you haven’t yet reached this amount, you should consider coming in before January. This money doesn’t roll over, so if you don’t use it, you will lose it.

If you have money left in your plan and you’ve been putting off a filling, cleaning or any other procedure, now is the perfect time to come see us. We care about our patients and want to make sure they are aware of this way to save money and still get the quality dental work they need and deserve.

Interested in using your dental benefits to get that procedure you’ve been putting off? Call us at Painesville Dental Group today before the year runs out! We have convenient locations in Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon that are ready to help you with all your dental needs.

Come To Painesville Dental Group for a FREE Denture Consultation

November 1, 2012

In our last post, we talked about the different restorative dentistry services you’ll find at the offices of Painesville Dental Group. But one service that wasn’t included in that list is also one of the most common, and we’d like to spend some time talking about it today—dentures.

For patients who are missing multiple teeth, a partial or full denture can significantly improve oral health and wellbeing. That’s because dentures restore what you’ve lost, enhancing self-confidence and allowing you to enjoy foods that would be difficult to eat without teeth. What’s more, for patients with a few remaining teeth, a partial denture can help prevent those teeth from shifting, creating other oral health problems.

Have you considered getting dentures for a long time but have haven’t been sure how to start?

Right now, at our Painesville, Chardon, and Jefferson offices, we’re offering FREE denture consultations. During a consultation, you can talk to one of our doctors about your options and how you can get the important restorative care you need. We can even provide you with a coupon for $200 off coupon for your dentures, making it easier for you to restore your smile.

Call one of our offices today to reserve your FREE denture consultation. During your visit, we can also assess your oral health and discuss other ways you can improve your oral health.

We serve patients from Painesville, Chardon, and Jefferson with excellent general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

Effective Restorative Dentistry for Painesville, Jefferson, Chardon, and Beyond

October 19, 2012

The purpose of restorative dentistry is to improve your smile’s functionality and its appearance, and that’s what you can expect from the restorative dentistry services at the offices of Painesville Dental Group. We offer a variety of services to help our patients from Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon meet their important restorative needs, including:

  • CEREC crowns
  • Composite fillings
  • Tooth extraction and replacement

How can each of these restorative dentistry services help?

CEREC crowns can help by repairing a cracked, chipped, or significantly decayed tooth. You can achieve the same results with a traditional crown, but CEREC lets you do it in less time. Instead of the two or three visits it takes to restore a tooth with a traditional crown, CEREC can provide you with the same custom-made results in just one.

Composite fillings are a great restorative dentistry option for any patient with mild to moderate decay they need to treat. Also known as tooth-colored fillings, composite fillings are mercury-free and blend in with your smile. That means you don’t have to be afraid of others seeing your fillings. You can smile confidently, and no one will ever know about your treatment.

Tooth extraction is used in cases where other restorative dentistry options won’t be as effective as they might normally be. Maybe your tooth is too decayed to save, or perhaps you have an impacted tooth. If either is the case for you, our team at Painesville Dental Group is glad to help.

Do you need help with a restorative dentistry service? Our Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon dental offices are happy to help. Give us a call today to reserve your consultation. Our friendly, compassionate team is ready to help.

What Is Family Dentistry?

October 5, 2012

As you may have guessed from the playful nature of our last post, our doctors treat patients of all ages. That means our Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon offices offer what’s called family dentistry. An office that offers family dentistry puts a special emphasis on the needs of children as well as adults. Why? Because a healthy smile is important, no matter how young or old you are.

As a family dental office for patients from Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon, our promise is to help you and your little one cultivate healthy smiles. One way we’ll do that is through regular checkups and professional cleanings. During a checkup and cleaning our doctors will look for common oral health problems like gum disease or tooth decay. We can also offer homecare tips to help you and your little one build stronger brushing and flossing habits. Great homecare is essential for building a strong, healthy smile.

We can also give your child’s smile extra protection with dental sealants or fluoride supplements. Dental sealants are easy to apply and create an impenetrable barrier to food particles and bacteria. Fluoride supplements, on the other hand, work by attracting important minerals to teeth, making them stronger in the process.

Is it time for you or your child to come see us for a checkup? Call our office in Painesville, Jefferson, or Chardon to schedule a visit. We’re happy to help patients of all ages improve their smiles.

A Short History of the Tooth Fairy

September 21, 2012

Santa Claus may get more press, but ask just about any child who the Tooth Fairy is and they’ll know who you’re talking about. In fact, there’s nothing more exciting to a young kid who’s lost a tooth than putting that tooth under their pillow at night and waking the next morning up to find that—gasp—it’s been replaced by money!

Of course, we parents know what’s really going on, but that doesn’t make the Tooth Fairy legend any less endearing. Many of us have similar memories from our own childhoods.

But how exactly did this whole Tooth Fairy thing get started?

As far as anyone can tell, it all started with a simple tradition in Europe. When a child lost a baby tooth, the child’s parents would take that tooth and bury it in the garden. Why did they do this? Maybe they did it to encourage a new tooth to grow, or maybe they did it for a superstitious reason, like preventing a witch from using the tooth to put a curse on their child.

Whatever the reason, the tradition persisted, but as families moved into towns and cities with more people, the tradition changed. Instead of burying the tooth underground it was put under a pillow, while the witch figure eventually became a generous, helpful fairy who would exchange the tooth for a gift like money.

For More Information

Want to learn more about the Tooth Fairy and its history? Check out Wikipedia and this helpful site to learn more. And if you’d like to schedule a checkup for yourself or your child, call one of our offices today. We have offices in Painesville, Jefferson, and Chardon.

Helping Young Chardon-Area Athletes Protect Their Smile

August 31, 2012

Recently, our offices in Chardon, Jefferson, and Painesville launched a special athletic mouthguard program to help young athletes from local high schools protect their smiles. With this program, we were able to provide students from Chardon, Harvey, Riverside and Jefferson High Schools with a custom-made mouthguard absolutely free of charge.

Why did we do it?

Because we’re firm believers in protecting young smiles from the harm that can be incurred while on the field or the court. It’s been estimated that as much as 40% of all sports injuries involve the face. What’s more, anywhere between 13-39% of all dental injuries are connected to sports. But with a custom-made athletic mouthguard, we’re able to help students protect their smiles from this kind of harm.

But, you might be wondering, what sets a custom-made athletic mouthguard apart from the kind you can buy from a sporting goods store?

The answer is simple: the mouthguards you find in a sporting goods store aren’t made to provide a custom fit. As a result, athletes who wear generic mouthguards are forced to hold it in place by biting down, which makes speaking and breathing difficult. What’s more, continued biting releases a stress hormone that creates feelings of exhaustion and inhibits both performance and concentration.

So, in other words, young athletes with a custom-made mouthguard can look forward to two things: a safer smile and a better performance while playing.

Our program is at an end for now, but we’d still love to talk to you and your young athlete about athletic mouthguards and their importance. Call any three of our offices today. We’d be happy to help your child with any dental needs that he or she has.

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