Preventive Dentistry – Painesville, OH

A Crucial Step to a Long-Term Smile

Smiling woman at preventive dentistry visit

At our dental office, prevention is our primary focus. By using the services outlined below and our keen eyes, we are able to stop many dental problems before they even start, saving you from having to get them fixed later! All it takes is just two easy appointments each year for everyone in your family to have a smile that’s healthy, clean, and beautiful. Sounds easy enough, right? Has it been more than six months since you or your child have been to the dentist? If so, contact us today to schedule an appointment for preventive dentistry in Painesville, OH!

Why Choose Painesville Dental Group for Preventive Dentistry?

  • Experienced Team of Dentists
  • Affordable and Flexible Payment Options
  • Modern and Comfortable Dental Facility

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Man smiling during dental checkup and teeth cleaning visit

When it comes to protecting your smile for the long-term, checkups and cleanings are the gold standard, as they allow us to learn all we can about your dental health and catch any problems you might have at their earliest stages. These appointments also give our hygienists the chance to remove any plaque and tartar that has accumulated on your teeth, which is the root cause of most dental issues. Together, these services usually take less than an hour, and they’ll keep your smile healthy and whole for years to come.

Children’s Dentistry

Young girl giving dentist a high five during children's dentistry visit

Children have their own particular set of dental needs that we are more than prepared to meet. When your child comes to see us, we will help protect their teeth from cavities, make sure their mouth is developing correctly, and provide helpful education so they can start forming healthy habits at home. And of course, our entire team will go out of their way to make sure your little one always enjoys calm, cool, and relaxing visits.

Dental Sealants

Patient receiving dental sealants

Dental sealants allow us to place an invisible barrier on the teeth that can help prevent both tooth decay and cavities. They work by applying a thin, tooth colored layer of a plastic-based substance to the teeth that quickly hardens and stops the accumulation of plaque and food particles. Most of the time, we only need to place them on the vulnerable back teeth as these are the most difficult to completely clean while brushing (especially for small children).

Nightguards for Bruxism

Clear nightguard for bruxism on metal tray

Bruxism is a very sneaky problem where a person unconsciously clenches their jaw and grinds their teeth while they sleep. Over time, this can severely wear down the enamel, make the teeth more sensitive, and eventually cause them to break! To help patients with this issue, we can have them wear something called a nightguard to bed. This small, custom-made mouthpiece fits comfortably between the teeth and stops them from coming together and doing damage.

Mouthguards & Sportsguards

Closeup of person placing a sportsguard

Dental injuries are extremely common in sports (particularly for children), and most of them can be prevented with the use of a protective mouthguard. We can provide you with your own custom-made one right in our dental office. It will be specially-designed to fit over your teeth to make it more comfortable, and it will also be much thicker and stronger than anything you can buy at the store or online.

Oral Cancer Screening

Patient receiving oral cancer screening

Oral cancer is a very dangerous and potentially fatal disease that is actually very treatable when detected early, which is why our doctors recommend that every adult should have at least one oral cancer screening per year. They can perform one as part of your regular checkups to make things nice and easy. They’ll examine your lips, gums, tongue, cheeks, throat, neck, and face for any cancerous tissues, and should they discover something, they can help you quickly get follow-up treatment.

Fluoride Treatment

Patient talking to dentist after fluoride treatment

If you have ever brushed your teeth with an ADA-approved toothpaste or enjoyed a glass of tap water, then your teeth have likely already benefited from fluoride. This mineral has been shown to help the teeth combat both decay and cavities for decades, so of course, we use it in our dental office every day! We can provide you and your family with a topical fluoride treatment as part of your regular checkups to keep everyone cavity-free between appointments.

At-Home Dental Hygiene Products

Patient using at home dental hygiene products

With so many dental care products to choose from these days, it’s no wonder why we get asked which ones are the best for protecting teeth! While we regularly recommend products Sonicare toothbrushes, Colgate, Crest and Pronamel, the best dental products are really the ones that meet your specific needs. Whether you struggle with tartar, sensitive teeth, gum disease, or bad breath, we are happy to help you find products that best protect your smile and make oral hygiene enjoyable!