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Toothache Relief for Ohio Families

Root Canals for Patients in Chardon, Jefferson, and Painesville

If you’re suffering from the agony of a toothache, you may have an infection inside your tooth. Teeth with cavities or cracks are vulnerable to bacterial infiltration—and this root canal infection is usually the cause of the discomfort and throbbing you endure during a toothache. The purpose of your tooth’s nerve is to feel pain, and let you know there’s a problem.Thankfully, root canal therapy can offer relief and renewed oral health.

Root canal therapy begins by first numbing your tooth completely, and if needed, we offer nitrous oxide or oral sedation options to make your root canal anxiety-free. The next step is to clear out the diseased tissue—removing the nerve and pulp. Once the infection is completely purged, we clean out the tooth and file it until smooth. The final step is to put gutta percha, a special dental material, inside to protect your tooth from further damage and infection.

We often recommend that teeth treated with root canal therapy are capped with a crown. A crown strengthens your tooth, adding beauty and function to it..

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