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Dental Implants - Painesville • chardon • jefferson

Bring back missing teeth

While we’re happy to offer a variety of great solutions for missing teeth, dental implants are simply in a class of their own. They are the only treatment that restores a tooth both above and below the gum line, delivering the most reliable, durable, and lifelike results imaginable. We can use them to help with any degree of tooth loss, so whether you are missing a single tooth or want a better set of dentures, they could be exactly what you need. To learn more about them and what they can do for your smile, contact us today.

Implant Placement

Animation of implant supported dental crown

A dental implant is actually a small titanium post that is placed directly into the jaw in order to mimic the root structure of a lost tooth. This can then be attached to any number of replacement teeth. In order to get dental implants, a patient will first need to undergo a minor surgery, which we can perform in any of our offices, saving them from having to deal with an outside referral. Thanks to modern techniques, most patients report feeling very little discomfort either during or after the procedure. Once it is completed, you’ll be given a few months to heal before returning to our office to receive your new teeth.

Implant-Retained Crowns & Bridges

Animation of implant supported fixed bridge

If you are missing a single tooth, we can bring it back using what is called an implant-retained crown. It will consist of the implant itself, an all-porcelain crown, and a metal connector called an abutment. After attaching the crown to the implant using the abutment, it will be virtually indistinguishable from your other teeth. It will have the same color and strength as a natural tooth, plus you’ll be able to maintain it simply by brushing and flossing.

Or, if you are missing a few consecutive teeth, we can even use implant crowns to form a bridge. Two crowns will be placed on either end of the gap in your smile, and these will be bonded to prosthetic teeth to close it.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Animation of implant retained denture

Missing quite a few teeth? Sick and tired of dealing with your unreliable dentures? With implant-retained dentures, we can give you a prosthetic that snaps onto multiple implants placed into your mouth, anchoring it to the jawbone to create a rock-solid hold. The fit is much more secure than a typical denture, it will last much longer, and your bite will be much stronger as well, enabling you to enjoy your favorite foods without worry.

Mini Dental Implants

Animation of mini implant supported crown

As the name indicates, mini dental implants are smaller and thinner than traditional ones, which makes them better for patients who have a thin or brittle jawbone as the result of longtime tooth loss. We can use them to support a denture that still has a much stronger hold than a traditional one, and, because of their reduced size, they can usually be placed and restored in much less time as well.