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Gum Disease Therapy for Families in Ohio

Chardon, Jefferson, and Painesville Dental Practices Restores Oral Health

Most people hear the words “gum disease” and think it’s a minor problem compared to so many other health problems. However, gum disease is a very serious issue. In fact, it can cause problems not only for your teeth and gums, but also for your entire body—including your heart, lungs, brain, and joints.

Gum disease therapy will return health to your gums and teeth. Gum disease therapy consists of a process called “root scaling and planing.” One of our experienced dental hygienists will scrape off the plaque and calculus from below and above the gum line. We may add antibiotics to your gums after treatments—and we may also recommend products that will keep your gums healthy. Patients who need gum disease therapy will often need more frequent check-ups to ensure continued good oral health.

The dental professionals at Painesville Dental Group, Chardon Smile Center, and Dental Group of Jefferson are happy to serve the restorative dentistry needs of Ohio families. If you have a toothache, or need a root canal, call any of our offices today!

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