Top 10 Reasons You Might Have a Toothache

February 11, 2020

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Nothing ruins your day quite as instantly as a toothache. Sometimes, not knowing what’s causing your toothache is almost as bad as the pain itself. Thankfully, your dentist understands this desire to know what’s wrong and has written this list of the top 10 reasons why you might have a toothache.

10. Orthodontic Alignment

After you get your braces tightened, you can expect your teeth to be sore for a few days afterward. If the pain persists, consult your orthodontist about possibly adjusting your appliance.

9. Impacted Wisdom Teeth or Misaligned Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth, which have failed to erupt through the gumline, can be painful as they become decayed or even push against other teeth. Misaligned teeth can also press against other teeth, resulting in discomfort. Orthodontic treatment may be necessary in this case. For impacted wisdom teeth, surgical extraction may be needed.

8. Aggressive Brushing or Flossing

Some people apply too much force when cleaning their teeth, thinking that will be more efficient. It can actually do more harm than good. Your gums can become inflamed or even bleed, and you may wear down the enamel on your teeth, causing sensitivity.

7. Teeth Grinding

Known as bruxism, teeth grinding generally occurs when you’re asleep or stressed. This habit might result in sore jaw joints, headaches, and even chipped or cracked teeth, which can be painful. The best treatment is a nightguard, a plastic tray worn over the teeth to prevent harmful contact while sleeping.

6. Damaged Fillings

Fillings that cover deep grooves of the teeth protect sensitive areas. A damaged filling exposes these parts to food debris and bacteria that cause toothaches.

5. Temperature Sensitivity

If you experience sharp pain during or after you consume something hot or cold, it could mean your enamel has worn down, exposing the sensitive layer of dentin underneath. Until you can see your dentist, use a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.

4. Tooth Fractures

Even a tiny chip can quickly spread to the center of the tooth, resulting in excruciating pain. If your enamel is chipped or cracked in the slightest, ask your dentist to treat it.

3. Gum Disease

Inflamed gums can cause a dull ache in the mouth. Your gums may also recede, exposing the sensitive roots of your teeth to bacteria. A round of antibiotics and/or a dental deep cleaning may be necessary to treat gum disease.

2. Tooth Abscess

When decay reaches the tooth root, the surrounding tissue may become infected, resulting in a widespread pulsating pain that can make it hard to figure out exactly which tooth is the culprit. A tooth abscess needs to be addressed quickly before the infection spreads to other teeth or bone.

1. Cavities

The most common reason for a toothache is good old-fashioned tooth decay. When you eat something sugary, bacteria in your mouth feed on that sugar and leave behind an acidic waste product that destroys enamel, creating cavities. If your cavity is painful, then it has reached the dentin or even the inner chamber of the tooth and should be treated right away.

No matter what the cause of your toothache is, you should see your dentist to get it dealt with as soon as you can. They can explain what’s going on, and get you out of pain quickly.

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