Your Local Dentist Says Don’t Do This – It Can Ruin Your Teeth!

June 12, 2018

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three ice cubes stackedEnjoying excellent oral health requires more than just maintaining the necessary routines. It is equally important to know what not to do. Could you be taking steps, daily, that could cause a dental emergency or contribute to tooth decay? As you read on, your local dentist will discuss some of the more detrimental behaviors that you may be unknowingly participating in.

The Danger of Eating Ice

As the warmer months of the year approach, you may be tempted to eat the ice that remains at the bottom of a glass after you’ve consumed your beverage. The danger of what seems to be a harmless activity is that it can easily lead to a dental emergency.

That’s because your teeth aren’t designed to grind against surfaces that have a similar hardness, like ice or even your fingernails.  A broken tooth can be an uncomfortable endeavor that will require immediate attention.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Another nemesis to the integrity of your enamel is bruxism. Most people who grind their teeth, do it unconsciously, which may seem harmless when it actually can contribute to a host of problems:

  • Cracked Tooth – The added pressure applied as the upper and lower jaws meet can wear down the enamel so much that the tooth eventually breaks.
  • Dislodged Fixture – Another problem that tooth grinding causes is that it can encourage a dental restoration like a bridge or crown to unseat.
  • Tooth Decay – The unhealthy tension applied to your teeth can also leave them more susceptible to decay if your ivories shift and expose the gums.

Grazing’s Not a Good Idea

Although many nutrition plans may recommend that people eat often throughout the day, the effects on your dental health suggest otherwise. Grazing never gives your teeth a break, which means they’re constantly bombarded with food particles and the residual bacteria.

Instead, try planning your meals a little better, and limiting how often you snack throughout the day.

Teeth Aren’t Tools!

A sure way to encourage a dental emergency is to use your teeth as tools to open a package or even a bottle. Such activities could lead to broken or even dislodged teeth. It’s just a lot easier to grab the proper tool to do the job and save yourself a world of problems.

For the Sports Enthusiasts

Do you like to participate in sports? If so, do you wear a custom mouthguard? If not, then every outing is the equivalent of rolling the dice with your oral health. That’s because any time people are moving around in a hurried fashion, there’s a chance for a collision. The result could easily be a dislodged or chipped tooth.

To be on the safe side, you should contact your local dentist about being fitted with a custom mouthguard. Thus, if you receive any sudden trauma to the face, you’ll have a much better chance of walking away unscathed.

For more tips on how you can protect yourself from dental maladies and to take a proactive approach to your oral health, reach out to your dentist to schedule a prevent care visit today!

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A graduate of the Ohio State University, Dr. Dennis J. Horvath has been caring for patients for nearly four decades. His experience helps him treat various complex cases, yet he remains eager to stay abreast of the latest changes in the dental world. Dr. Horvath practices at Painesville Dental Group and can be reached for more information through his website.

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