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Turn Back the Clock with BOTOX® Cosmetic at Painesville Dental Group

At Painesville Dental Group, we believe that a healthy, beautiful smile is a key component of an attractive, youthful appearance. Even with the brightest smile, however, a face with unwanted lines and wrinkles can appear years older than its true age. That’s why our doctors are happy to offer BOTOX® Cosmetic to residents of Painesville, Chardon, Jefferson, and the surrounding areas, lifting years from the faces of men and women in our community in a way that suits their lifestyles. Ohio patients can now enjoy the numerous benefits of non-invasive cosmetic procedures right here in our conveniently located dental practice.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatments in Chardon & Painesville

BOTOX® injections have been proven to be safe and effective, quickly smoothing fine lines and wrinkles in the face to reveal a firmer, more youthful look. Vertical worry lines that form between the eyebrows are caused by overuse of various muscle groups in the face, but these can be overcome with the use of simple BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments at Painesville Dental Group. The same is true for the fine lines that branch out from the corners of your eyes, more commonly known as crow’s feet. Even the persistent wrinkles that form around your nose and mouth can be effectively treated with this trusted, effective procedure – a treatment that can be performed quickly and with minimal discomfort right here in our warm, welcoming Painesville cosmetic dental office.

Contact our office to reserve your visit and discover the difference that this simple, safe treatment can make in your life today. Our doctors happily serve patients from throughout Painesville and Chardon, as well as surrounding Ohio communities in the nearby areas. We look forward to showing you how quickly and easily BOTOX® Cosmetic can change your life for the better!

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